A very private vacation rental setup in a nice tropical setting. Just have your pick of the place you like.
130 sq.m = 1,500 sq. ft
2 bed room bungalow
The swimming pool has ionized water.
No chemicals, no burning eyes, absolutely clean.
The HACIENDA DEL SOL is located at the inner bay of La
It is only 11 miles driving on the 4 lane to downtown.
HERE to come to the direction site.
Please keep in mind, that we don't have any nightlife here.
Just palms, cacti and beautiful flowers. Bring the binoculars
for the may birds to watch.
There is a very nice restaurant in short distance and the next
grocery store is 3 driving or 10 to 15 walking minutes along
the beach.
No traffic, no noise, clean air and the smell of the water and
tropical plants.
Have a look at our very safe BEACHES.
The first one is 100 yd from the HACIENDA,
the second one around a small Mangrove forest
full of sea birds and has nice soft sand.
If you want to do more than just relaxing, laying in the sun, swimming, fishing,
collecting clams for dinner, here are a few ideas of what you can do; just click the picture:
If you know how to sail, have an ASA certificate or anything similar,
we have a Herreshoff H28 sloop or a MacGregor 26X power sailor.
We also can give you a 3 days basic course how to sail.
Click the picture for more information
If you are more into motor boating, we have a nice Panga.
Go fishing, exploring or since there is a boarding ladder,
use it for diving and snorkeling.
We even will give you a tent if you want to stay out for a day or more.
Then there are the guests who prefer going under
their own power, gliding silently along the water,
exploring the tide channels at the mangrove forests
and watching all the seabirds.
We have several Ocean kayaks for rent.
If your goal lays below the surface,
Buceo Carey will take you to fantastic scuba
diving trips.
Swimming with the seals, diving at the
sunken ferry or encounter the Hammerhead
Sharks at Bajito is unforgettable.
Yes, we have high speed, wireless Internet.
No charge for just a quick e-mail check, for going
to the naughty sites, or God forbids doing work, we
have to charge $ 1 Dollar / day just to cover
part of the expenses.
We pay Telmex by the GB used, since it is a
commercial setup.
We also have a small RV park
with really big spaces.
It is set up for long term guests.
Have a look at the
We really don't want to "toot our own horn", but it seems like we have to do it.
Since our charge for the accommodations is so low, people expect a run down place or
"there must be something wrong with it".
HACIENDA DEL SOL is our hobby and all proceeds are going to different charities here in La Paz.
We don't take not even one Centavo as salary or any other form of compensation for us.
What ever is left after cost will be donated to the Red Cross, the Orphanage, the Old Folks Home, the Caritas,
E.M.A.S. and many other social institutions. We support also private families in need.
Here, have a look and
CLICK to see what and where we donated already.

The pictures you see on our sites show what it looks like here. It really is as you see it on our photos.
Actually, it is even better in reality since we can't show it as nice as it really is. We are no profesional
photographers who can make even an ugly place look beautiful.
If you like to spend a fantastic time with us, let us know way ahead.
More than 60% of our guests had visited us before and reserving already at leaving for their next vacation.
Please let us know in time if we can put a beer with your name on in the fridge. HA
Picture yourself sitting in the shade at the little
bar, sipping a Margarita, a fantastic T-bone or a
fresh fish is sizzling on the BBQ,
what could be better!!
Just drop us an e-mail,
or give us a call at: 011-52-612-123-5440
to contact us by snail-mail:

Aptdo. Postal 374
23000 La Paz, Baja California Sur
We answer every mail, if we have
vacancy or not.
If there is no answer from us in latest 24 hrs.,
check your spam box for "HACIENDA DEL SOL"
at the subject line.
Sometimes the provider refuses to deliver mail if
your spam filter set to high.
Give us a call at 011-52-612-123-5440
and put our e-mail in your address book.
reservation confirmation
Downtown La Paz is exactly 11 miles from the HACIENDA.
There is a local bus leaving every 30 minutes from El Centenario,
but if you can drive a stick shift, we even have a free car for our guests.
See the site for more

Please keep in mind that La Paz is NOT a tourist trap. All the rowdy tourism
and the high prices for everything are missing here.
But therefore, the tourist infrastructure is missing here too.
Where ever you are, in downtown or in quiet and clean air at the inner bay,
you need a vehicle to go around.
There are so many incredible beaches and so fantastic drives, you will miss
out a lot if you don't have 4 wheels.
Oh, and we really love to tell you where to go and what to see, places not
found in a tourist guide book.

Click the picture
for more information
Here is a nice big charcol BBQ. A small one with
a lid for only a few T-bones and a big one for the
big party.
Right beside is a Coleman smoker for the turkey
or the fresh fish caught at the beach.
No license needed!