You have to promise to treat the car like it is yours, may be
even better.
This is a classic "Kraut Machine" in very good condition
and of course reliable. It is made in the Black Forest by the Elfs.
Show the pictures when you come home and every man
will envy you. HA
The Beetle has only a non syncronized standard transmission
and a 2/40 Air condition. ( 2 windows open, 40 miles speed )
For the bigger family or a few friends are two Vans to roam around. They have automatic transmission
and are 7 seater. The Dodge Grand Caravan is a full size van and holds  7 passengers.
You have to promise not to take the cars off - road.
For this we have a Jeep Wrangler.
4X4, over sized sand tires, off road lights, stick shift and room for 4.
This car loves to be off - road, but still, you have to treat it nice.
If you like it more "civilized", the Chrysler
PT Cruiser is the one for 4 (5) people.
A/C manual transmission and a fantastic
Fast like a rocket, but watch out for police. HA
Keep in mind, that we give you the car for free. You only have to see an agency in town to make the
insurance for it.
Make a full coverage with 1 Thousand Dollar deductible, bodily injury for 3rd party too, legal insurance and
Amparo. This is an automatic bail bond and will keep you out of jail in case of an accident, how small it
might be.
You can ask your provider at home if he will insure you down here and most of them will do it.
We don't care where you get the insurance from, as long as you have one. We won't let you drive without
An equal insurance from a rental car company is about $ 45 to $ 50 Dollar / day on top of  the rental car
See the fine print at Thriftys by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page:  "Terms & Condition".
Other rental car companies are more or less the same.
Since our cars are from private, the insurance will be lower and depending on the type of car you pick.
So, talk with your agency at home but compare the cost. They are sometimes much more expensive then
the ones down here.
When you see the boats in the
background and like to know
more, go to
The Ford Explorer 4x4 has
automatic transmission
and a very cold air condition