We really did not want to do it, but sad to say, we HAVE to "toot our own horn".
There are mean people who can't believe that we do something good just because we
want to and not to gain any profit of it as they like to accuse us of.
"HACIENDA DEL SOL" is our hobby and since the country is good to us for about
30 years, we love to give back and why not!
NOT ONE CENTAVO of the money generated here will be taken as any form of
compensation for us. ALL proceeds will be donated to our different charities and even
money NOT generated from the "Hacienda del Sol" will be used to support the needy
We DON'T have a salary for us and only our workers will receive a salary.
Our book-keeping is open and can be checked at the local IRS called SAT
(Servicio de Administracion Tributaria) under the tax number APL 970402AW2
Sure, nice guests bring donations along, we also collect donations up north, but they
need to brought down which will cost a pretty penny too.
Sometimes when there is an opportunity, we buy surplus at a great price and bring it
We are angry that we have to defend us against bad mouthing people who can't see
that we are not as greedy and money oriented as they are.
Shame on them!!
Sometimes we have a whole
Ambulance full of stuff to donate.
Of course, we have plenty of thank
you letters to show
The Ambulance need a portable defibrillator for Cardiac
problems. Of course we donated it.
The Caritas needs our help too!!
The DIF is in need of supplies, so here
we come and help.
Here we donated a very generous amount of
much needed supply.
Of course, cash donations are
welcome too.
Then there are all the different fund raisers we organize at our HACIENDA for all the different
Here we fulfilled the big "wish list" where we paid more than $ 79 Thousand Dollar and the
Red Cross helper had a blast loading all the goodies into the ambulances.
We also don't forget the Orphanage
or the Old Folks Home.
Very urgent needed was the "Jaw of Life"
Sure, to show their gratitude, we had to accept the token of friendship. But no, we don't help
just to get something to stick on our chest.
and keep in mind, in this case size really doesn't matter in clothing.
If you have to fill out some space in your luggage, may be
you can bring something along. It would be nice.