Depending how much weight you will carry, the
average fuel use with the 70 HP motor is about 4
to 6 NM per gallon by a speed of 25 to 30 Knots.
Trolling or just driving with the small motor will
go about 12 NM per gallon and the speed is
around 10 Knots. There is plenty of storage, a
build in life bait tank, a boarding ladder, rod
holders and a marine radio. Hailing channel here
is # 22. The under seat tank holds 22 Gallon of fuel
and we can give you for another 60 gallon several
spare tanks to take along if you want.
The Sea of Cortez is such a beautiful
body of water.
So rich of sea life and the most gorgeous
islands and bays to enjoy.
Perfect for fishing trips, exploring or
snorkeling in the fantastic underwater
it will be our pleasure to give you some
charts and tell you where to go and what
to see.
The 70 HP Evinrude will bring you fast to your
destination point and if you like to go slow or
troll for fishing, there is a 4 stroke 15 HP evinrude
We don't charge for using the boat, but we ask you to give a good
donation direct to our charities we are supporting:
The Caritas, the Red Cross, the Orphanage, the Old Folks Home,
EMAS and a few more needy organizations.
Here, have a look:

The Panga can be used only by guests of the Hacienda del Sol.
Very close to La Paz are such pristine islands or bays like Balandra or the turquoise water of Caleta Lobos.
You will receive the Panga with a full tank of fuel and at
return you bring a full tank back.
The Panga is in good condition and you are responsible
for any damage beside normal wear and tear.
Please treat the Panga like it is your own or even better.
Slowly we are loosing confidence in people.
Seems like we must do something wrong!!
To use the boat it is on an honor base and we
expected from the guests that they donate a
nominal amount to the charities in La Paz.
Sad to say, but several times they said that they
have donated a generous amount of money and at
checking at the charity, they where not even there
or gave just $ 20 Bucks for a full day use of the boat.
How c
heap can people be!!
Everybody who ever had a boat knows that it is expensive, especially if you lend it
to other people.
We had to replace the Kicker twice in 4 years ($ 2,760.00 Dollar
each), the steering
was broken several times, the ladder was cracked twice, props damaged, the marine rad
drenched in beer and tax and registration fee
is paid every year.
We don't want to do it, but now we will charge for every day use of the boat a $ 80 Dollar
donation to the charity of your choice. We believe that this is extremely cheap!!!
Of course, you can donate any time as much more as you want, but we doubt we will see
this ever happened.